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Notice of Potential Fraud

Excelion Partners, LLC has become aware that individuals are fraudulently representing themselves as employees, affiliates agents, recruiters, or representatives of Excelion Partners or Snow Fox Data and contacting job seekers regarding employment. These individuals are committing fraud, and misusing similar domain names, email addresses, marks, and logos to deceive the general public.

Excelion Partners will never ask prospective job seekers for any payment to access our employment services including attending interviews or to receive job offers. Excelion Partners will never ask candidates to pay a fee to secure employment, equipment or services, or in order to receive payment of their wages or salary. Excelion Partners shall not be liable for loss or damage suffered as a consequence of any participation by any persons in any such fraudulent and unauthorized schemes.

We urge you to be cautious when opening links or attachments from unknown third parties. Except for legitimate business purposes, Excelion Partners does not send e-mails asking for sensitive information such as bank details or other personally identifiable information nor do we charge or accept any amounts of money. Therefore, do not send money at any time to anyone claiming to be from Excelion Partners in relation to prospective employment, or to receive wages or salary, or commission earning investments, either directly or via a mobile application.

Please check all email addresses allegedly from Excelion Partners ends in the correct domain (, or

If you have been contacted by or have sent money in relation to an Excelion Partners interview;
employment offer, work carried out or an investment scheme, please contact us to report the incident.


Excelion Partners

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