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Excelion PartnersNovember 15, 2018< 1 min read

Neenah High School INCubatoredu

INCubatoredu is a High School program blending entrepreneurship curriculum with an experiential approach.  Students start the year with an idea but use real entrepreneurs and business expert mentors to guide them throughout the year as they create and fully develop their own product or service.  Neenah was the first High School in Wisconsin to offer this program, but there are around 50 schools with the program nationwide.

On November 8th, nine teams from Neenah High School did their 90-second pitch at the Excelion Partners office in downtown Neenah.  They were looking for feedback to refine their idea before they move on to analyzing its viability. The Excelion team volunteered their time to provide guidance on their ideas and help them prioritize the next steps.  

The students will do their final pitches in the spring to a team of experts and venture capitalists with the opportunity to win scholarships to fund the creation of their idea.  If you would like to learn more about the program or volunteer contact Neenah High School.

We are passionate about encouraging innovation in area youth, Contact Us to see if there a way we can connect with students you know.


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