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Insight on Business Cover Story
Excelion PartnersOctober 3, 20171 min read

Insight on Business Cover Story

The team at Excelion Partners is excited to share that Insight on Business, a creative platform for sharing business news and information in Northeast Wisconsin, selected us to be the featured cover story for their current May issue.

The story is available online at:

Last fall, after catching a glimpse of our services at the Manufacturing First Expo in Green Bay, Insight editors approached us for a full cover story, hoping to share our vision and describe our array of automated industrial solutions. Specifically, they chose to highlight our cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) stack, which helps companies to extract and process valuable data from industrial components into effective data-driven metrics and visualizations.

The story gives you a brief overview of our company, including our background, the full stack of IoT services we provide, and also features a testimonial from Alliance Laundry Systems, a global leader in the commercial laundry marketplace. Our flexible and adaptable team has helped them to develop many custom cloud-based solutions used in commercial washers and dryers all over the world.

For a more hands-on approach to learning about our services, we invite you to join us for a small group technical session at our Innovation Lab in Neenah. To coordinate an event for your team, contact Ryan Moore (


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